Are there food shortages in europe

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Food preparation for TPLF forces in Tigray raise question about "hunger in Tigray". A story released this week by Tigray Media reveals that the claim about food shortage in the Tigray region of Ethiopia may actually be baseless. The United States, the European Union and partnering non-state actors in the west have been accusing Ethiopia of ...

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Mr Robertson accepted there were problems in countries outside Europe, but said those on the continent were not being hit as hard by shortages. "I spent some time this week looking at the reporting from state broadcasters, from Poland to Germany to France to Italy and a number of others, and not a single one of them was reporting the same level ...

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Will there be a pet food shortage in the UK? Back in March, major supermarkets, such as Sainsburys, Tesco and Morrisons, reported widespread shortages of pet food due to unanticipated high demand.Experts have blamed the food crisis on a shortage of foreign exchange to import and maintain stocks. The government, which is also short of cash to service its foreign debt, has insisted the shortages are a result of traders profiting from pandemic restrictions.

Coronavirus-driven CO2 shortage threatensUS food and water supply, officials say. The Guardian, by Jason Wilson Original Article. Posted By: KatieJo, 9/23/2021 8:21:39 AM An emerging shortage of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) caused by the coronavirus pandemic may affect food supply chains and drinking water, a Washington state emergency planning document has revealed.