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Youth Against Cancer Spreads the Love. The Youth Against Cancer club organized a "Spread the Love" blanket-making event for cancer patients as they go through treatment. Continue reading to find out more about the blanket making process and the excitement of club members! In the midst of the pandemic, the list of suffering people has grown ...

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Using Oracle Cards For Love. You can substitute oracle cards in any of these tarot spreads. Some oracle decks will work better than others, so feel free to experiment with different ones until you find one that works for the spread. Another way to use oracle cards is to pull one along with each tarot card.The Tarot Spread. Here are the steps for creating this spread: 1. Decide if you prefer using 5, 7, or 9 cards for this spread. I am sticking to 5 for the sake of making this post shorter in real life probably go for 7. 2. Pick your question. "How can the seeker achieve their goals of x" is pretty safe.

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This spread will give you insight into your deepest desires, dreams and fears, it will guide you on your way to make the changes that you need in your love life. Try our other free love readings, oracles, fortune tellings and games: Love Oracle - instant love insights; Playing Cards Love spread - love and relationship advice; Ask The Magic Love ...Love Ritual (Everything You Should Know) Tarot Spreads For Beginners (My Recommendations) Tarot Spreads For Luck (3 Best Ones) Tarot Spreads For New Projects (3 Best Ones) How Can Tarot Change Your Life? (5 Ways) Tarot Spreads For Self-Love (4 Best Ones) Tarot Spreads For Work (3 Best Ones) How Can Tarot Help You Get More Money? (Explained)The Love Oracle is here to give you guidance and reassurance of the path you are on. Some yes no oracles give random one word responses but the Love Oracle provides complete responses and insights into your situation. It can also be extremely helpful to simply have someone there that is willing to listen. When things are weighing heavily on ...

Eeeeeveryoone wants know where their love lives are going! This spread is very useful to evaluate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections with your partner. 1. This card represents you. It signifies what you currently feel about your relationship, your approach, and your outlook. 2. The second card represent your partner. The Triangel. This is one of the most classical tarot spreads, asking for past, present and future. This reading is universally useful and it follows - like most relevant matters in our lifes - the flow of time, with roots in the certain and immutable past, a strong relation with the present which is shaping everything, and an outlook into the uncertain future.