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Q2. Plan a theme based lesson from the following list of contexts: Water, Rain, Food, Trees, Colors, Pets, Sports The lesson should be designed for 6 to 8 year old beginner level language learners and must incorporate either a song or art/ craft work.

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Whether it's the last month of school or the first, these ELA lesson plans won't take long, but students will learn. Best of all, they don't take much prep. Meaningful ELA Lesson Plans in a Pinch 1. Play Games. Play an ELA game! Games that ask students to interact with figurative language, grammatical terms, poetry forms, vocabulary words ...What a pleasure to discover your resourceful website. I was born in South Africa and now in Thailand, TEFL course made me crazy with lesson plans and on the last assignment for advanced using a grammar objective, I found Englishisapieceofcake!I had to really talk to myself to to hold back and not keep handing in extra assignments, I was so inspired.

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Hi Adam, I am currently doing the TEFL course of ITTT. Your post have been quite helpful up until now. But your lesson plan is not actually adequate enough as this course now requires that we actually do a lesson plan in a real lesson plan format where we have to write down the details of how the lesson is planned to execute over the span of 1 hour.

3.5.1 First Conditional Lesson Plan. Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8. In the BrainPOP ELL movie Styles of Art (L3U5L1), Ben is trying to paint Moby's portrait, but first he he has to get Moby to sit still. As he paints, Ben shares his art history book and his knowledge of art history with Moby, and students learn the first conditional and time clauses.TEFL Lesson Plans Samples, Strategies, Tools and Activities (ESL Teaching Series) Product Link The teacher should have predicted any possible problems which may arise in class and have thought of possible ways to overcome these. It is this kind of lesson plan which is strongly encouraged on training courses as it is easier to follow and evaluate.